Crack Egg LED Light

Sale price$23.99

Color: Blue
Style: A


The light is battery-powered (not included), it can conserve energy and protect the environment.
The light is flexible, portable, and easy to store. You can make it into any shape based on your need.
Pure light, high brightness, but the light is cold, not generates heat, not easy to burn and rupture, it is safe.
Perfect for Easter, parties, and other celebrations, you can easily hang it on walls, windows, doors, floors, trees, grass, etc.
At night, the enchanting lights will be more beautiful and add a perfect atmosphere to your surroundings. It will definitely bring you a sense of luxury and romance.

A: 1.5m 10 lights - battery case
B: 1.5m 10 lights - USB
C:3 m 20 lights - battery case
D:3 m 20 lights - USB
Weight :300 (g)
Power factor:0.06
Scope of use: Holiday decoration
Light color: white crack egg, pink crack egg, yellow crack egg, green crack egg, blue crack egg, color mix crack an egg